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Posting January 3, 2004
I have always believed that I am a direct desendant of the William McGee (Brothers fro Ire 1750) We can take our family back to the earlier William (definately my 5th G.Grand father) who was married in Union (Now W. Virginia 1820). We have not been able to link him with the five brothers form Ire. There is much history of those 5 brothers and I have most of it. The connection with the MacAfees and thier early trips to Kentucky.

Posting January 5, 2004
This is my family line. William McGee born "Kentucky" This is the only reference in our family bible as to where he was born. There is no date or year of birth. With that said ! this is the reason I feel he is related to the five brothers from Ire. Why? How many McGee's would be in Kentucky around the year 1797 ( about the year of his birth). I will in a later posting explan and share all the information I have on the Five Brothers from Ire. First land purchased, land deeds, migration to Kentucky with the MacAfees, land purchases and deeds in Kentucky, Wills, and I even have photos of the John McGee house which is still standing. The house that his son built is also still standing and used today. Anyways !! here is what we are 100% sure of as my family line. William McGee (born Kentucky) my 5th Great Grandfather. Died: April 1850. Wabash Twp. Fountain Co. Indiana, Chapel Hill Rd. Cemetery. (I have photos and rubbings of his headstone.His son John is also buried there). Mortality on william shows tumor as reason for death. William Married: Jane Harper, 12 Aug. 1820, Union, Monroe Co. (now West Virginia). I have a copy of the marriage certificate. Children: Catharine, Elizabeth, James, Ellen, John, William, Emanuel, Margaret, Edward, and David. William McGee, son of William and Jane (Harper) McGee

My 4th Great Grandfather. Born: 2 April 1833, Fountain Co. Ind. Died: 28 April 1913, Shelby Twp.Corley Iowa. Married:
#1 Eda L. Huff, 3 Sept. 1857
#2 Martha Rust 28 MAy 1844. Children from Eda, Louis, Laura, William, Electa, Phillip, Thomas, Susan, Warren, and Alvin. Thomas Minor McGee: son of William and Eda (Huff) McGee my 3rd great grandfather. Born: 16 April 1868 Pottawattamie Co. Iowa, near Big Grove. Died: 6 Jan. 1962, Council Bluffs Iowa. Buried: 9 Jan. 1962 Harlan Cemetery, Shelby Co. Iowa. Married:27 Feb. 1892 to Nellie Jane Haskins. Children: 1-Unnamd, Bessie, Elmer, Laura, Nora, Edith, Joseph, Eva, Herbert, Ethel, Nellie, and Harry. Elmer McGee: son of Thomas Minor and Nellie (Haskins) McGee. My grandfather. Born: 8 Dec. 1896, Shelby Co. Iowa

Died: 10 May 1946, Muskegon Michigan. Buried: 14 May 1946 Harlan Cemetery, Harlan Iowa. Married: Harriet L. Bartug, 11 Feb. 1920. Children: Ivan McGee, Gerald McGee. Ivan McGee: son of Elmer and Harriet (Bartug) McGee My dad. Born: 2 April 1921, Shelby Co, harlan Iowa. Died: 8 Feb 2002, Lansing Michigan. Buried: 11 Feb. 2002 Lenawee Hills Cemetery, Adrian Michigan. Married: 29 March 1942, Adrian Mi. to Rose Mary Welch. Children: Larry, Michael and Steven. Steven McGee born to Ivan and Rose Mary (Welch) McGee THIS IS ME. Born: 25 Aug. 1950, Adrian Mi. Married:
#1 Margaret Hart.
#2 Gail Willette May 30 1981. Children: Douglas, Colleen.

Posting January 5, 2004
Ok here we go on John McGee, one of the five brothers from Ireland ca.1750. This is what I have and It is either copied from records we have obtained from articles or directly from old records books in libraries or court houses from Va. to Kentucky. This may take a few postings as it is quite lengthy.(words in parenthasis are mine)

First Article: John McGee came to Kentucky In 1775. Five McGee brothers-
*David and
*Robert - were born in Ireland and migrated to America about 1750.
Their sister, Jane McGee was born in Ireland where she married a Mr. Young. they remained in that country.

In the 1760's each of the five brothers purchased land in the area of Augusta Co.Virginia which became Botetourt Co. in 1769. They later sold thier holdings in Virginia and moved to Kentucky. (I have the land grants and copies of the plots in Botetourt Co. now the area of Fincastle taken from court records in Virginia). One of th five brothers,

*David McGee, was a Kentucky pioneer who settled on Howards Creek (Clark Co.) in 1775 and established McGee's Station about 2 1/2 miles northwest of (present day) Boonesborough.He died in 1823 leaving two sons, John and David McGee Jr.

*William McGee died without issue in Clark Co. in 1822.

*Robert McGee, another of the five brothers, died in 1815 leaving the following children: John McGee, Hannah McGee -Hutchinson, Rachel McGee -BcBeath, Mary McGee-Henderson.

*John McGee died in Mercer Co. in 1818, Leaving a wife named Molly and the following children: Robert McGee, David McGee, Dolly McGee-Stewart, Rachel McGee-McCoun, Jane McGee-Bingham, Eliza McGee-Baker. John McGee, the brother who settled in the section of Kentucky which later became Mercer Co. was born in Ireland about 1730. In the 1760's and 1770's he lived in Botetourt Co. Va. on the Cattawaba Creek. ( I have the land grants and deed plots of thier land copied from court records). He married Mary McCoun, daughter of James & Margaret (Walker) McCoun, in Virginia about 1767. McGee was a private in John Murray's company of Botetourt Co. Militi under the command of Gen. Andrew Lewis. He fought the battle of Point Plesant on Oct. 10, 1774. In 1773, two of John McGee's brother in-law, James McCoun and Robert MacAfee-whos wife was Anne McCoun, came to Kentucky from Va. McCoun and MacAfee and the others in thier company came to Kentucky to survet lands for themselves and thier relatives. On July 26 and 27, they surveyed 1,000 acres for John McGee on both sides of the salt river. McGee's acres joined landssurveyed for Samuel MacAfee and Samuel Adams. (was this the same Samuel Adams that signed the declaration?). and lay about four miles northwest of present day Harrodsburg.

In 1775 the Botetourt Co. group of men called the MacAfee company made thier second trip to Kentucky in order to clear land and build cabins. This time John McGee was amoung the travelers. With the help of William MvBrayer, he built an improvement, or cabin, on his land on th east side of the Salt River between the two branches which flowed into the river.

John McGee and other men of the MacAfee company intended to bring thier families to Kentucky in the spring of 1776. They commenced the transportation of thier moveable possessions by water but were impeded by the extremly dry season which had made the river too shallow for passage of thier canoes. The Cherokee War then put an end to thier plans to transport thier famalies and belongings by packhorse through the Cumberland Gap. Other difficulyies arose and they were forced to completely abandon the trip that year. Even though they were disappointed by the delay, many later felt the delay was the benevolent guidance of God. It was not until August 17, 1779 that the trip was again undertaken. This time the families and thier possessions moved slowly and painfully on packhorses through south western Virginia and the gap. On September 27, they arrived safely at Wilson's Station on Salt River, about 2 1/2 miles from Harrodstown.

On Oct. 26, 1779 John McGee went before the court of Commissioners meeting in Harrodsburg and claimed the 1,000 acre tract which the MacAfee Company had surveyed for him in 1773. After giving satisfactory proof to the court, he was issued a certificate for the land. At a similar court held at St. Asaphs on April 22, 1780, Vincent Williams claimed the same tract of land. There followed a long, tedious and exspensive land suit between McGee, Williams, and Robert MacAfee. MacAfee's involvement stemmed from a trade he made with McGee's 1,000 acres. The decision of the court eventually supported the McGee and MacAfee claims.

The John McGee family including the parents, three young sons and one or more daughters was amoung those staying in the James MacAfee cabins during the winter of 1779-80. These cabins were the largest and most secure living quarters of any of the Salt River settlements. The severity of the winter and scarcity of food causes some discomfort, but there were some pleasureable times which kept them the new life from becoming to distastefull.

In the fall of 1780 the McGee family moved to thier own cabins, but impending danger from indians forced them to return to the safety of the James MacAfee Station several times.On the morning in March 1781, Mary McGee's youngest brother, Joseph McCoun, aged 18 was captured by Indians as he returned home after checking his traps and milking the cows. Although they pursued the indians and the captured boy, the group of white men sent from the station could not overtake them before they crossed the Ohio River into indian territory. Some years later it was learned that young McCoun had been taken to an Indian town on the headwaters of the Mad River (now in the state of Ohio) and "tyed to a tree and burnt to death." The John McGee family was involved in another encounter with the indians on May 9 of that same year. Some 150 indians surrounded and rushed the James MacAfee Station. The outnumbered group within the station, many women and children, attempted to repulse thier attackers. Several indians were killed, at least one by John McGee. Hearing the shooting some miles away, a company was hurriedly mustered at Harrod's and William MacAfee stations to go to the aid of thier neighbors. Sighting the mounted hourses, the indians retreated. The company of white men pursued them for several miles and, after several confrontations the indians suddenly dropped out of sight among the trees. About 1790 John McGee built new family homes on his property near the eastern edge of Salt River. The house was sturdily constructed of field stones with walls two feet thick. Small holes were left in the masonry through which guns could be sighted. (I have been to this house and have pictures of it and a plaque put there by the DAR commemorating it a national historic home of John McGee and it still stands today). 50 acres of John McGee's original 500 acre land grant are now owned by Hunter and Laverene Lawson. (I might note that the last of the John McGee land was sold off a few years ago by the last remaining McGee a great grandson of John who was last known to be in a nursing home in Danville Ky.). John McGee died in Mercer Co. Ky. on Jan. 10, 1810. He was survived by his widow Mary, whom he called Molly, and his five sons and five daughters. In 1826, Mary-McCoun -McGee moved to Monroe Co. Mo. with her eldest son James. She and her son James helped to organize and establish the Pleasant Hill Prebyterian Church-located about 6 miles east of paris Mo. where they both were later buried. Mary died July 29, 1837.

The children and desendants of John and Mary include:

**James McGee born Botetourt Co. Va, Jan 6, 1768. Married Mary Ann Wilson, Died: in Monroe Co. Mo. near 1846 Thier children were John S.McGee Janmes L. McGee William H. McGee Margeret McGee.

**Mary -Polly-McGee, born Botetourt Co. Va. near 1773. Married Andrew Woods April 18 1795 Mercer Co. Ky. Died June 8, 1854, Mercer Co. Children: Andrew Woods, Arcibald Woods, James Woods, John Woods, William Woods, David Woods, Daniel Woods, Martha Woods, and Mary Woods.

**John McGeeJr. Birn, Botetourt Co. Va. Nov. 28 1775. Married
#1 Mary Bigham.
#2 Jane Curry. Children: Robert S. McGee, Jane McGee, David McGee jmes McGee, John McGee, Cynthia A. McGee, Elizabeth J. McGee Josia Jackson McGee, Hugh J. McGee Prudence McGee and Eliza McGee.

** Joseph McGee: born Botetourt Co. Va. Oct. 14, 1778. Married
#1 Nancy Lyon
#2 Mary Havens -His cousin. Children: Thely McGee, David McGee, Harvey McGee John Jackson McGee James McGee.

**Prudence McGee, Married James Smith. Children: Mary Smith, James Smith, H.M. Smith, Ephraim Smith, Margaret Smith, Hugh Smith, and Prudence Smith.

**Margaret McGee Married: Robert Simpson (no children)

** Ann McGee Married: Hugh Smith. Children: Mary D. Smith, Margaret J. Smith, Ann Eliza Smith, Prudence Smith, James Harvey Smith, and Nancy H. Smith.

**Jane McGee, Married:
#1 Robert McGee-her cousin
#2 Mr.Stern. Children: David McGee, James J McGee, Robert H, McGee, Rachael Mcgee, Polly McGee, Elizabeth McGee, Peggy McGee Prudence McGee.

**William McGee. Born: 1785. Married
#1 Jane Bingham.
#2 Sally Voris. Children: John H. McGee, William C. McGee, David McGee, James R. McGee Isaac M. McGee Joseph McGee, Elizabeth McGee, Mary F. McGee. On July 5, 1940 a memorial service was held and a marker unveiled for John McGee, Revolutionary soldier, at his grave in New Providence Cemetery, Sponsored by Jane MacAfee Chapter of the D.A.R. and by Col. John J. McGee, a great grandson, the grave marker is inscribed: "John McGee, Virginia Troops, Revolutionary War Born 1730-Died Jan 1, 1810 Settled Kentucky 1775 one of the MacAfee company" Following the program, participants and observers removed to the old McGee home on Jackson Pike for the unveiling of the tablet which reads: "Pioneer home of John and Mary McCoun McGee erected 1790 on his survey of 1773 granted by Patrick Henry, Govenor of Virginia. Placed by thier great great grandchildren Col. Lohn J. McGee and Dorthy W. McGee. Dedicated July 3, 1940 by Jane MacAfee Chapter DAR". (Yes it is the same Patrick henry we all read about in our history). This is the ned of this posting, more to come later.

I hope this information is helping others to link some of thier relatives with the five brothers from Ireland. I have a lot of papers and information of thier pioneer days. I have copies of the land grants to John McGee from Patrick Henry and Govenor Charles Scott of thier Kentucky land. I also have the dates of land and plots purchased in Virginia. For example: David McGee purchased his land in Virginia in 1767(212acres), James McGee's purchase was in 1787, (80 acres),John McGee 1781,(35acres), Those 35 acres was sold to an atty. James Ward in 1785. Robert McGee 1763,(200acres), Those 200 acres were sold to Robert Henderson in 1775. William McGee 1767, (167acres). as you see the earliest purchase was made in 1763 by Robert McGee which can help us determine a closer date to when the McGee brothers arrived in Virginia. I also have a copy of John McGee's last will dated from Mercer Co. May 1st 1808 two years before his death.

Here is what was written about McGee's Station. Ky. Site of McGee's Station McGee's station, founded circa 1780, was located in Clark Co. about two and one-half miles northwest of Boonesborough. The tract on which the station was located was later owned by Dr. William Webb, and the old Webb burial ground remains as a guide to the site of the station near Becknerville. David McGee came from the head of Roanoke in Botetourt Co. Virginia, originally Fincastle County. He came to Kentucky in the spring of 1775,in company with John Floyd and several others and encamped on Boone's creek. The ledger of Henderson's Company store at Boonesborough shows that McGee opened an account at the store on June 3, 1776. David McGee's pre-emption consisted of 1,400 acres and was bounded on the east by the west fork of Howards Creek and extended west over the head of Jouett's Creek, commencing with the Hickman line, embracing Haydon's corner. In Fayette County Record Book A, is recorded the disposition of David McGee, taken January 15, 1805, in Clark Co. before Richard Hickman. justice of the peace. David McGee stated that he resided in Fayette Co. in part of 1775 and the whole of 1776, part of 1779 and 1780, and was conversant in locating lands and as well acquainted with hunters on the waters now called Grassy Lick. The exact number of families who lived at McGee's station is not known. A few names have been found in scattered records. In deposition made by Robert McMillian, Jan. 5, 1808 the pioneer said that there were fifteen or twenty families living at McGee's Station in 1782-1783. Amoung these were Captain John Fleming, founder of Flemingsburg, John MvGuire, famed Indian fighter, James McGuire, Roger Clements, Ben Walker and Alexander Neely. (I might note that we have visited this site of McGee's Station and it was neat to talk to the local farmers as we were seeking location information. We ate at a resturaunt right across the river almost at the fork of where the station was. The flood level marker on the wall was quite impressive). We have also been to the site of the MacAfee Station and it is marked with an historical marker. We have pictures of the marker as well. Down the road is the site of the old McGee tavern which was moved and long since destroyed. While we were at the old John McGee home (the one mentioned in the last posting with the foot thick walls and portals for shooting indians). We ran across some local tobbaco farmers who leased the McGee land. They said the same thing we had read earlier in a book at the library. "There weren't but three owners of this land, God, the indians, and the McGee's" We had a nice chat with them. The current owners of the old house were not home so we did not get to see the inside. The original home is quite small and the back half has been added onto. The area is almost like walking back in time. Down the road on the same McGee land still stands the house built by John McGee's grandson. It has been renovated and restored as a historic site. The Green family! (current owners) were quite impressed that we might be relatives of John. They were anxious to know the history and we shared what we had with them.

Posting January 7, 2004
Brief summary: My 5th G.Grandfather William McGee "born Kentucky" Married: Jane Harper. I will today give a bit of history on William and Jane. They were married in Union Now-West Virginia in 1820. The following children were born in W.V. Catharine, Elizabeth, James, and Ellen. Ellen was born 20 Oct. 1827. The next Child John along with William, EmanuelMargaret, Edward and David were all born in Fountain Co. Indiana. John's birth date was 10 Jan. 1830. so between 1827 and 1830 the whole family moved to Indiana. Father William died April 1850 his son John died one year earlier in 1849 at 19 years old. They are both burried in Chapel Hill Cemetery (behind a church there). I have pictures and rubbings of his head stone. In 1855 Jane along with the children became pioneers themselves and moved to what is now Iowa. The following is from the "History of Montgomery County, Iowa of 1861"

Lincoln Township-cemetery. pleasant Grove cemetery is the only burial place reported in Lincoln Twp. It is situated on the northwest quarter of section 4. The first burial there was an infant of Charles Davis, about Nov. 12, 1876. Early Incidents: Mr Frank Shinn says, the first prarie breaking done in Lincoln Twp. was by an Irishman named Dearing, in 1855. Mr. Jackson Buckner says, Mrs. Jane McGee improved the first farm in the township, in 1855. The oldest Settler: Mrs. Jane (Harper) McGee, now living on section 6, is both the oldest settler and the oldest person in the township, she is now over 80 years old, and settled here in 1855. Her son-in-law David Silket, had settled near the Mills Co. Line in 1850, but afterward built what was known to all early settlers as Silkett's Mill, about two miles above the present day city of Red Oak. (The place is now known as Manker's Mill). (Catharine the first child of William and Jane married David Silkett 22 Oct. 1842 in Fountain Co. Indiana which is how they all wound up in Iowa). Mrs. McGee did the first weaving of cloth, blankets, and coverlets in this part of the county. This venerable lady was born in Monroe Co. Virginia, (Now WV), Nov. 27 1800. At the age of 20 she married to William McGee, and continued to live in Virginia until she was 28, then moved to Indiana and finally came to Montgomery County in 1855. Her husband died in 1850. She is the mother of ten children, ! eight of whom are still living, namely: James, Elizabeth, Ellen, William, Manuel, Edward, Margaret, David. One son and one daughter have died. She is held in reverance and esteem among her neighbors, and she enjoys and appreciates thier sympathy and kind regards.

Red Oak Township: Pioneer settlement: In 1855, David Silkett built a sawmill on Nishnabotna, about two and a half miles above the town site of Red Oak and the same year a post office called, Oro, was established there, with J.J. Zuber as postmaster. In July, 1857, Mr. Silkett also built a grist mill at this place.(This article goes on at some length telling more of how the area was developed and first bridges built etc.). I will not bore you with the rest. I wanted to highlight my family pioneer days to Iowa. I have a long liniage line of family a lot of who are still in the Red Oaks, Council Bluffs and Harlan Iowa. My father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather were all born in either Shelby, Pottawattamie or Montgomery Counties. My Grandfather and mother are the ones who migrated to Michigan along with my dad. That is how we got to here in Mich. I have copies of all the land grants and deeds to the farm in Indiana as well. The farm there is sill used as farmland.

Posting January 8, 2004 To day I will give the siblings born to William and Jane (Harper) McGee, my 5th G.G.grandfather.

#1 Catharine McGee: Born, 16 June 1821, Monroe Co. Virginia (now WV) Died: 2 Sept. 1858, 37yrs 2mo. 16days Buried: Sec.3 Red Oak Twp. Montgomery Co. Iowa. Married: 22 Oct. 1842 Fountain Co. Ind. to David Silkett

#2 Elizabeth McGee: Born 16 March 1823, Mobnroe Co. Virginia (now WV). Died: 17 May 1898 Macedonia, Pottawattamie Co. Iowa. Buried: Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Sec4. Lincoln Twp. Montgomery Co. Iowa Married: 26 May 1844, Fountain Co. Ind. to James Smith Watson.

#3 James McGee: Born: 28 June 1825, Monroe County Virginia (now WV). Died: 8 Jan. 1906 Henderson, Mills Co. Iowa. Buried: Farm Creek Cemetery, sec11, Anderson Twp. Mills Co. Iowa. Married: 4 May 1852 in Council Bluffs Iowa, to Lydia Ann Davis.

#4Ellen McGee: Born: 20 Oct. 1827, Monroe Co. Va. (now WV). Died: 12 Oct. 1922

#5 John McGee: Born: 10 Jan. 1830, Fountain Co. Indiana. Died: 15 July 1849 Fountain Co. Ind. (scarlet fever) at 19yrs.

#6 William McGee: (my 4th G.G.grandfather) Born: 2 April 1833, Fountain Co. Ind.Died: 28 April 1913, Warren McGee's home, Corley, Shelby Co. Iowa. Buried: Oaklawn Cemetery, Oakland, Pottawattamie Co. Iowa. Married: 1- Eda L. Huff 2- Martha Rust

#7 Emanuel: Born: 2 Oct. 1835, Fountain Co. Ind. Died: ?? Buried: ?? Married: ??

#8 Margaret J. McGee: Born: 25 May 1838, Fountain CO, Ind. Died: 22 Oct. 1904 Emerson, Mills Co. Iowa. Buried: North Grove Cemetery sec29, Indian Creek Twp. Mills Co. Iowa Married to Constantine Smith Watson (Note* there were two "Smith Watson" brothers Constantine and James, one married Elizabeth McGee and the other Margaret McGee).

#9 Edward Hailton McGee: Born: July 1840, Fountain CO. Ind. Died: ?? Buried: ?? Married: ??

#10 David McGee: Born: 28 May 1843, Fountain Co. Ind. Died: ?? Buried: ?? Married: ?? (I find it odd that we have more information on the early born children of William and Jane McGee and less on the later children).


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